Manchester United could not have wished for a better start and after scoring in the first two minutes, things were already looking up.曼联不希望有一个更好的开端,并且在前两分钟得分后,情况已经开始好转了。 If there is one thing that Tottenham has shown in the past one week, it is the fact that they are quite efficient in scoring goals.如果热刺过去一周表现出一件事,那就是事实证明他们在进球方面非常有效。 Five minutes later, they were ahead.五分钟后,他们领先了。 There were obviously some shambolic defending from the very expensive Manchester United backline and Tottenham kept piling the pressure even before Martial was unfairly sent off.很明显,在昂贵的曼联后防线上有些sha脚的防守,而且即使在武术被不公平地遣散之前,热刺也不断施加压力。

For Manchester United, they have not had an impressive outing in the first three Premier League games and are already behind a lot of teams.对于曼联来说,他们在英超联赛的前三场比赛中表现不佳,已经落后很多球队。 Solskjaer has his work cut out especially this season as there is very little room for excuses anymore.索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)特别是在本赛季削减了工作量,因为找借口的空间已经很小了。 It is a strange thing when your team concedes six goals and is still not the main talk of the weekend.当您的团队承认六个进球而仍然不是周末的主要话题时,这是一件奇怪的事情。

For Tottenham, scoring more than 5 goals three times already this season is no mean feat as the team has shown its efficiency in front of goal even with the unavailability of Gareth Bale.对于托特纳姆热刺,本赛季已经三次进球超过XNUMX个球,这绝非易事,因为即使没有Gareth Bale的机会,球队也已经在进球面前表现出了效率。 Mourinho and Tottenham still have a lot of work to do as the games against Everton and Newcastle was a bit lethargic but things seem to be coming together for them now.穆里尼奥和热刺仍然有很多工作要做,因为对阵埃弗顿和纽卡斯尔的比赛有些让人昏昏欲睡,但现在看来他们在一起的情况越来越好。


Aston Villa seemed to know just how to play against Liverpool.阿斯顿维拉似乎只知道如何对抗利物浦。 Admittedly, the first goal scored by Aston Villa was as a result of Adrian's error – at least we see why he is the backup goal keeper now- but it just seemed that Dean Smith and his team had a plan to take advantage of Liverpool's high line.诚然,阿斯顿维拉打进的第一个进球是由于阿德里安的失误-至少我们知道了为什么他现在是替补进球门将-但似乎迪恩·史密斯和他的团队已经计划利用利物浦的高位线。 The ability of players like Grealish and now Barkley to exploit spaces was a huge concern for Liverpool and they eventually shipped in 7 goals.格里利什(Grealish)和巴克利(Barkley)这样的球员开发太空的能力是利物浦非常关心的问题,他们最终射入XNUMX球。 Aston Villa, the team that just scraped relegation are currently unbeaten in the League after crushing the defending champions.刚刚退役的阿斯顿维拉在击败卫冕冠军后目前在联赛中保持不败。 Dean Smith could not have asked for a better start.迪恩·史密斯(Dean Smith)不可能要求更好的开始。

Sadah Mane的损失是沉重的打击,因为Salah不能自己做任何事情。 Jurgen Klopp and his gang would have to shake this off and come back stronger after the international break to face the in-form team in the league and in Merseyside: Everton.尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)和他的帮派将不得不摆脱这一局面,并在国际比赛休息后变得更强大,以面对联盟和默西塞德郡的正规球队:埃弗顿。


Gasperini's team does not know how to not score goals.加斯佩里尼的团队不知道如何不进球。 This team is arguably the most entertaining team in the whole of Europe as anyone can get in dangerous positions and score goals.可以说,这支球队是整个欧洲最有趣的球队,因为任何人都可以站在危险的位置并进球。 Scoring four or more goals in consecutive games is no mean feat, especially when you consider that they played against a Lazio side that was in contention of winning the Serie A last season and dispatched them with ease.在连续的比赛中得分达到四个或更多的进球绝非易事,尤其是当您考虑到他们与拉齐奥方面的比赛时,他们争夺了上个赛季的意甲冠军并轻松地将他们分发。 They are stealing every neutral's hearts again.他们再次窃取了每个中立者的心。 Can they go all the way this time?他们这次可以一直走下去吗?


Playing against Julen Lopetegui's Sevilla side, a team that has not lost a game in 8 months was never going to be easy.在与朱利安·洛佩蒂吉(Julen Lopetegui)的塞维利亚队比赛中,一支在XNUMX个月内没有输掉比赛的球队从来都不容易。 Ultimately, they showed great character by coming back into the game almost immediately.最终,他们几乎立即回到游戏中就表现出了出色的角色。




The Napoli team could not travel to Turin to play the mighty Juventus because two of their players tested positive to corona virus.那不勒斯队无法前往都灵去踢强大的尤文图斯队,因为他们的两名球员测试对日冕病毒呈阳性反应。 The initial feedback was that the game would be forfeited by Napoli as Juventus still showed up to play which was a bit strange as Napoli had claimed to have already communicated their inability to travel.最初的反馈是那不勒斯将没收这场比赛,因为尤文图斯仍然出现在比赛中,这有点奇怪,因为那不勒斯声称已经传达出他们无法出行。 The teams would have to go at it some other time.车队将不得不再做一次。